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Hi everyone,
You know.... You all have that patron that SWEARS they brought back an item.
Your library has probably developed policies addressing such claims. But did you know you can put that item in a Claims Returned status?
Please follow the steps below to place a "Claims Returned" status on the item:

  1.  In the Checkout wizard, scan the Users ID.
  2.  In their list of checkouts, highlight the item they claim to have returned.
  3.  Right click and choose Claims Returned.
  4.  In the pop-up window that opens, highlight the title you want to mark as Claims Returned.
  5.  Click the Calendar gadget.
  6.  The system defaults to a Claims Returned date of NEVER.  You do not want to use NEVER or the patron will continue accruing fines. You have three options in recording an item's return date. Choose from one of the following:

  *   Date the item was due- No fines assessed
  *   Date the user claims to have returned the item- If before the due date- No fines assessed
  *   Date the user made the claim and that date is AFTER the due date- Overdue fines WILL BE assessed
We also have a video that explains the Claims Returned process. Please click here to view the video.<https://youtu.be/AGWrGbBsV0U>
If you have any questions, please contact SEO.

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